The Brushfire Hammock Chair

$ 75.00

This multi-functional hammock chair/bush pack is perfect for the outdoor extremest!  Bushcrafters, Pathfinders, Boy Scouts, and the hardcore campers are worthy of this chair! Before you buy please scroll through the pictures to see all of the setup options because you need to have skills in lashing and knot tying.    It's made with 2 layers of material (1000D Cordura for the heavy duty bottom layer, and 1.9oz Nylon Ripstop for the top layer).  One side has Velcro and opens up to a large pocket between the layers with so you can also use it as a stuff sack when not used as a chair.  There are 6 loops that you can run paracord through and build a makeshift pack along with 2 end channels that are meant to be used as the hammock chair tie-outs or to pass logs through for the hammock chair frame.  

Dimensions - approx. 2ft wide x 4ft length

Weight- 1lb

Weight rating 700lbs

Check out our buddy The Bearded Burton's youtube video on setup and usage.  Copy and paste the link below into your browser. 

Please allow up to 2 weeks from order to shipping