Paracord Survival Kit

$ 30.00

Based off of personal experience in disaster zones and scouting (eagle scout); we built this kit which has the necessary items for immediate survival.  In this kit you have ways to provide food, fire, clean water, shelter, defense, directional guidance, first aid, etc!!! Weighs less than 1 pound but loaded with these necessities!!

-40ft of 550lb rated paracord 

-Emergency Blanket that can also be used as a waterproof shelter. 52" x 84"

-1ft. of black and red Fire Cord (it has a petroleum soaked inner core that enables easy fire starting)

-Everstrike Match- its a flint and steel striker but also inside has a wick with lighter fluid.  Even if it runs out of lighter fluid you can still start a fire!!

-220lb rated screwlock carabiner, compass, keyring 

-Very bright LED micro flashlight

-4 water purification tablets, MSR Aquatabs, that can purify up to 8 quarts of clear water or 4 quarts of dirty water

-Credit Card Multi Tool with knife, screwdriver, saw, can opener, bottle opener, wrenches

-Fishing Kit with 20ft of 10# fishing line, 2 lures, 2 hooks, 2 weights, 1 swivel,

-Medical Kit- 2 antiseptic wipes, 2 large cotton band-aides, 2 butterfly wound closures that can be used in place of stitches

-Credit Card knife which folds out to a 5.6 inch razor sharp knife with handle

-5.5 square feet of heavy duty aluminum foil that can be used to make a cup or pot to boil water or cook in.

-Micro Compass 


Each order is custom made for you!  Custom takes time so please allow 7-9 days from order to ship-out from JB's!