Indoor Hammock Hanging Kit

$ 15.00

Hammock Inside???..... Uhm Yes PLEASE!!
This Indoor Hammock kit comes with everything pictured!  It's rated for 400lbs when properly attached to the studs in walls!    If you have absolutely no idea about construction or how to properly install this kit, please consult a professional for installation!! ;)


Indoor Hammock Kit Instructions


Improper installation of this kit can result in injury and damage to property.  Installation should be carried out ONLY by a qualified person.  The contents of this kit are designed to be attached to wood studs or other wooden structural members.  If attaching to metal or concrete you must use screws and fittings designed for that structural material.  Included in this kit is all of the hardware needed to attach to strong wooden structures.  If you are not secure in your own abilities to install this kit properly, please seek the help of an experienced and qualified person!!

  1. For a JB’s Hammock, You will need approximately 9.5ft between walls. To achieve the desired strap angle of 30degrees, you will need to place anchors approximately 6ft high on most walls.  See picture for a quick reference on judging 30 degree strap angle.
  2. Find the studs using an electronic stud finder or you can tap the wall lightly till you feel a vibration difference. Usually when you are tapping on a stud the vibration is greatly reduced and there is an audible difference (thud).   Studs are typically 16 inches apart with the exception of studs that go up the sides of windows and doors which are always good places to use for anchoring as well.  Most Power Outlets have a stud directly to the right or left of them as well.  Use a thin nail to tap through the sheetrock, after about ½ inch, if the nail moves freely then you are in dead space that WILL NOT SUPPORT YOUR HAMMOCK!  If you still meet resistance beyond ½ inch then you most likely have found a wall stud.
  3. Once you’ve found studs you will need to make sure you are in the center of the stud! Studs are only 1 ½ inches wide so it’s very important to find the center of the stud.  Make a horizontal row of holes about every ¼ inches with the nail to find the edge of the stud.  Once you’ve found an edge you can move back ¾ inch towards the center of the stud and make your mark for drilling.
  4. Use a drill and 5/16” drill bit and drill straight into the stud approximately 3”
  5. Use a 9/16” ratcheting socket or a 9/16” wrench to tighten the lag screw/washer/anchor, to the wall. Tighten until the anchor is slightly depressed into the wall but not crushing sheetrock.
  6. If you’re using a JB’s Hammock, pass the loop of your tree strap through the eye of the hanging bracket, then slip the end of the strap through the loop and pull tight. Connect your hammock cinch buckle with a safety knot and your setup is complete. If you’re not using a JB’s hammock and your hammock came with lightweight carabiners, we recommend that you use the steel carabiners provided in place of your lightweight carabiner.    Once your anchors are set and your hammock is attached you should GENTLY lower yourself into the hammock checking anchors for correct and safe installation.

JB’s Outdoor Supply, Inc. will not be liable for any damage or injury as a result of incorrect installation, alteration, or improper usage.  If in doubt, consult a professional for installation.  There is an inherent risk with use of any hammock and hammock hanging kits.  Never hang your hammock above 24 inches off the ground.  Always check for signs of wear or damage before using your hammock and hanging kit.