About Us & Contact Information

Full Time I am a Captain with a Metro Atlanta Fire Department and part time I'm a Youth Pastor with a small Christian Church in our little hometown of Jackson, Ga.  My wife and I started this business adventure to help our daughters learn how to manage money and run a Christian business. We wanted them to learn about the cost of products plus labor, sales of products and replenishing materials, Tithing the money made, saving some money, and having a little bit of spend money.

So far it's really taking off. We are making custom hammocks with better quality than the big name companies with lower price as well.  We also build Paracord gun slings, Survival Kits, and Hammock strap conversion kits. We have a 100% refund policy for ANY reason on our regular priced products.

Thanks for the ones who have been supportive so far.

Jon and Melissa​

Proverbs 22:6


Email- jbsoutdoorsupply@gmail.com

Phone- 770-231-1477